• All classes are based in west London U.K. If you would like to receive classes at a place of your choosing please contact by email: info@kinbakudojo.com to discuss this further.

  • IMPORTANT! Don't worry if you do not have a partner or wish to attend as a single person. The beginners class can be taught with the aid of props.

    These private tuition classes have been carefully designed with beginners in mind. Taking you through the basics into the more intermediate techniques.You will gain a basic knowledge of the history & techniques used in kinbaku. With these skills you will be limited only by your imagination as to what can be created.
  • Rope will be provided on loan for use in classes.
  • Classes will generally be taken fully clothed. The person being bound should try to wear close fitting yet comfortable clothing. If you are a couple your partner being bound may wish to go naked, this is quite common.
  • You will be given the opportunity to take photos of the ties in a step by step manner, allowing you to take home a guide you can refer back to.
  • Don't be put off by the thought of having to master hundreds of knots. There are between 3 & 5 simple knots used in kinbaku. If you can tie your shoes you already know one of the knots!

  • Classes are taught in an openminded friendly relaxed atmosphere. All who are interested are welcome, straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or any other .
  • One to one tuition covers;
  • Introduction to Kinbaku, terminology used (ropespeak), safety, types of rope. Basic ropework - turns, knots - Single limb bondage & related knots & tucks Mune Nawa (Breast Bondage tie).

  • Double limb bondage (two column ties) & related knots, Focusing on open leg crab (Kaikyaku) -
  • Introduction to body & harness ropework.Focusing on Body harnesses cont; (Matanawa) Crotch harness. Introduction to secured bondage. Focusing on Spread eagle, open leg crab (Kaikyaku) with Bamboo rod.
  • One to one classes will be discussed with clients beforehand and tailored to suit their knowledge, skills and preferences.

  • Over three 2 hour classes you will learn the basic methods used in kinbaku,
  • Once you have taken 3 classes you will be able to move on to more advanced Kinbaku, focusing on partial suspension: tsuri / tsurusu - suspend or hang up / nawa-tsuri = rope suspension
  • Safety aspects of partial and full suspension.
  • Suspension cuffs.
  • Suspension harnesses.
  • partial suspension.
  • Full suspension. NOTE; Full suspension is only taught to those who have a clear knowledge and skill of basic and intermediate kinbaku. All kinbaku can be dangerous. Full suspension especially so.
  • ADVANCED SUSPENSION. Classes for the advanced practitioner are available upon request.


  • All classes are taught on a one to one basis - This includes the person being tied and a partner tying, This also applies to a single person being taught:
  • 2 Hour class = £80

        Email; info@kinbakudojo.com for bookings and info.



Charlotte and Ray studied in Dec 2010
Wow! That was an eye opener to say the least. My partner Ray surprised me with the kinbaku lessons. I was pretty nervous to say the least. David's a real cool down to earth chap with a a great deal of knowledge in kinbaku and a wonderful sense of humor that immediately set me at ease. He guided us through the session with confidence allowing me to relax and enjoy myself.
A great teacher and a gem of a guy. Polite, patient and highly skilled in this art. As a novice he made me feel ok with my fumblings and encouraged and repeated ties for me until I started to get it right. It's not as easy as it looks but David made it easy to grasp without taking anything away from the chemistry between Charlotte and I.

Jemma and Paul studied may 2009
Absolutely fantastic. We were able to use the stuff we learnt that evening! Many thanks David.

Jim and his partner studied in September 2008.
"David put my partner and me immediately at ease. He started with some interesting historical context, followed by a commonsense practical safety briefing. Then David moved on to a patient and unhurried demonstration of the basics of rope tying that we would need to be able to be confident to continue experimenting on our own. It felt slightly surreal to be cast in the familiar role of pupils with a teacher intent on teaching us what is, ultimately, an erotic art. But reassuringly, David had an ease that enabled him to slip out of role and explore with us on equal terms our broader questions on the underlying 'kink' and the erotic nature of the art we were just embarking upon. Meanwhile, the eye bolt on the ceiling of the 'classroom' hinted at the possibility of further master-classes..."

Grace and David studied in September 2008.
Me and my partner had a wonderful time, David's teaching was relaxed yet informative, I felt perfectly at ease and loved the different types of bondage we explored. I would certainly recommend David as a teacher.Thanks again, cheers Grace


Emily studied as a single student, bringing her partner Ross in for the advanded suspension,May 2008.
David is a great teacher - really chilled and easy to get on with. He is happy to go through things with you repeatedly until you get the hang of it and gives handouts so you don't forget anything. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to take up kinbaku. As someone who was taught on a one to one basis and new to the scene I always felt very comfortable with him. Thankyou David for all your help i REALLY appreciate it x

Mark & Vanessa attended classes in February 2008
Mark....... David is an easy going and patient teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed learning the ropes under his humorous guidance, he was more than happy to go over anything as many times as was necessary with no embarrassment felt on my part. Everything we learned as a couple was useful and easily remembered, we progressed logically step by step at a rate that surprised us both.

Vanessa.............On a personal note as submissive bottom David has always made me feel very at ease, he was well prepared at the start of each lesson and all the information which we gleaned from him was at an appropriate level which made for easy learning. I was always included within the conversations as David taught Mark various knots and techniques and was never made to feel like a tailors dummy! We have enjoyed every session with plenty of laughs and fun along the way, thankyou David for your time, effort and patience.

Andrew & Suzanne attended classes from Nov 2007 - January 2008.
Andrew..David is a very relaxed guy with an incredible knowledge of this art. He inspired confidence from the off with an indepth safety talk. We took 8 classes, starting out as complete novices being shown the basic knots. Davids tuition was thorough with handouts to take home for practice. By class 5, I was confidently suspending Sue from the ceiling! Thanks again David you made us feel very comfortable & we had a lot of fun being taught by you.

Jan & Lisa studied in June 2007.
What a lovely guy! He made us feel totally at home. His method of teaching was completly hands on, we were able to gain an incredible amount of experience which we have been able to go out and put to good use. Great value for money, we 100% recommend Kinbakudojo classes. Thanks David. Hugs and kisses, J&L.X.X.X.X.

Paul & Natasha attended classes from dec 2007 - feb 2008.
Kinbaku classes with David were a pleasure to study. Natasha was a little nervous at first, but after the first class and meeting David she was totally up for the next session. I learnt all i wanted to and much more than I had aticipated. Very professional, very polite and at times very funny!Thanks David for all your patience and guidance throughout our classes.

Enzo studied as a single student Nov 2007 - Dec 2007.
David was so cool, i felt that i was in capable hands, he makes learning fun with his very beautiful outlook on life, and he even let me suspend his lady because i had no partner. Thankyou David i will see you soon i hope. Peace & love Enzo.x.

Hassan & Phillippa attended Dec 2010
What an eye opener! We enjoyed ourselves immensely. Watching David tie is like a magic act, too fast for the eye to work it out. Thankfully he slowed it right down to a snails pace and took us through each tie step by step. Thanks to the photos we took I was able to refer back to these and now committed the ties to memory. What David teaches is pratcical and can be used right away. Thanks Dave for your never ending patience and great sense of humor.

Paul & Jenny a couple who attended 3 classes - June 2012
As a testimonial I can't recommend kinbakudojo highly enough. Great classes, to the point and not overcomplicated. David is a very skillfull teacher and has a wealth of knowledge on this subject but remains humble and entertaining while teaching which made me as newcommer feel comfortable.

Jessica studied as a single person Nov 2014

-David made me feel welcome and at ease from the start. A fantasitc teacher with a lot of patience.

I do not teach 100% traditional Japanese kinbaku. This is taught by japanese teachers (sensei) who have studied & mastered the art in a traditional enviroment with its mother language. I teach a western interpretation using english as the main language.Japanese style rope bondage 'Kinbaku' Having learnt most of my techniques outside of Japan. I was taught initailly by a japanese sensei in France. Most of the ropework has its origins in Hojo-jutsu which gave birth to the rope bondage styles practiced nowdays in the west known as' kinbaku' (bondage) & 'shibar'i (to bind). The ropwork taught through my classes is as authentic as possible. Most of the basic ties are traditional.
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