is a site dedicated to the teaching of the Japanese style rope bondage *Kinbaku. Enjoy - Be Inspired!

KINBAKU, simply translated means Bondage.

DOJO - Refers to "place of the way", or a place of teaching/learning.

Interest in kinbaku/shibari in the west has grown significantly in the last ten years along with the fetish scene. Though gaining popularity in certain circles, kinbaku/bondage is still considered risqué & taboo by the majority & for this reason is attracting more & more people to seek tutorage with a view to adding a little spice & excitement to thier sex lives. Kinbaku is a significant theme in the history of Japanese eroticism which often focuses on the playing out the rolls of domination & submission.

In Kinbaku the visual effect of the ropes on the body is essential - the 'Nawashi' -"one who uses rope" regularly uses asymmetric patterns to accentuate the visual beauty of the finished ropework.The nawashi is the artist, weaving intricate & beautiful patterns binding the jujun into a web of ecstacy. Kinbaku closely focuses on the sensations experienced by the 'Jujun' - "one who submits to the rope" The ropes are skillfully positioned to arouse & give pleasure applying pressure to the breasts & genitals.

Private tuition with ' kinbaku dojo' aims to give the students an understanding & approach towards practicing kinbaku safley, concentrating on the special relationship between nawashi -"one who uses rope" & jujun -"one who submits to rope". Studying types & varieties of rope, basic knots, tucked knots, slip knots (quick release). Single & double limb bondage, harnesses & secured bondage. (Bondage securing one object, for example a persons limb to another object such as a bed or chair safely).

Normally after two 2 hour classes studying basic & intermediate ropework, you will be in a position to move onto more advanced ties. Kinbaku is something that requires a great deal of practice to begin to master. One should proceed with this in mind.

The kinbaku dojo runs private tuition in the london area. If you don't want to travel to classes tuition can be given anyplace you choose. stresses that any form of rope bondage can be dangerous if practiced by the inexperienced. is not responsible for any harm incurred by persons trying to replicate the ropework shown on this site. When practicing kinbaku you should always have a pair of EMT shears close to hand to cut your partner free should an emergency arise. If you are interested in practicing kinbaku we strongly advise that you embark on the course where you will be taught the safety aspects along with the ropework skills.

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